Stress-Free Summer Spending

Stress-Free Summer Spending


Tis' the Season! Warmer weather is on its way, school is out and it's time to spend more moments with family and friends. Whether you're traveling long distance or just getting ice cream with friends down the block, First International Bank & Trust has great tools and tips to keep your summer spending cool and stress-free. 

1. Be in control, on-the-go with CardValet
By simply downloading the CardValet app from the Apple App or Google Play store and loading your First International Bank & Trust debit and credit card(s), You’ll receive alerts via your phone anytime a card transaction is made!
Forget your card at the restaurant? The CardValet app also gives you the ability to turn your card "on" or "off."

Reminder: It's a smart idea to take a backup credit or debit card in case of a lost or stolen card. The ability to easily turn your card "on" or "off" is awesome, but you'll want a back-up card if you're traveling. Keep cards or cash you're not using for the day in a hotel safe. 

Learn more about CardValet - Watch the video!

Protect your cards with Card Valet

2. Carry one fewer bag and use your Mobile Wallet for purchases!Mobile Wallet
Whether you are running to the next summer activity with your kids or juggling the bags of camping supplies, know you can enjoy the convenience of having your wallet securely in place on your smart phone. Available for the most recent Samsung, Android and Apple devices, the mobile wallet is easy to use, secure and private. We’re happy to help lighten your load!

Learn more about using your mobile wallet. 

3. Planning a trip? Add us to your TO DO list!
First International Bank & Trust invests in sophisticated technology that monitors your card activity for fraud attempts. One of the triggers is activity outside of your typical residential area. Therefore, if you are planning a trip, it is wise to let us know so that our fraud detectors don’t mistake your fun family vacation for a fraud attempt. Simply call our Customer Care Center at (800) 359-8092 or login to Online Banking and click on Quick Forms to complete the Travel Alert Form. Advanced notification will help ensure that your legitimate purchases are approved.

4. Keep a watchful eye! Review your purchases.
Let's work together to protect against fraud. We recommend reviewing your account periodically and let us know immediately if you notice any unauthorized changes. Using our free mobile banking app allows you to quickly check your accounts from the convenience of your mobile device.

Reminder: While we want you to contact us immediately for unauthorized changes, it is important for us to be able to contact you if we detect possible fraud. Ensuring we have your correct phone numbers and email addresses will make it easy for us to reach you in a timely matter.

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