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He is every little boy’s biggest hero, and every little girl’s first love. Whether he is teaching his son how to throw a baseball or teaching his daughter how to ride a bike, a father teaches a child about life by simply being a role model, being their biggest fan, and sharing their unconditional love.

As a community and family bank, First International Bank & Trust houses some of the best fathers around. With Father’s Day behind us, we wanted to share how some of our amazing dads spent their special day:

Personal Banker Cody Schafer

Cody Schafer is a Personal Banker at our Southwest location in Fargo, ND. He just celebrated his third Father’s Day on June 21. Although he did not have any big plans, Father’s Day fell on the weekend of his wife’s birthday. Cody enjoyed a fun, family weekend with his two favorite girls. His ideal Father’s Day would include a nice, relaxing day spent at the lake or at home, and smoking some sort of meat. Cody loves spending Father’s Day with his two girls and is looking forward to spending next Father’s Day with their new addition as they're expecting Baby Schafer #2.

“I was blessed with becoming a father in May two years ago, and could not be happier to be a dad.”


Not only does Shannon Hammeren play an important role as our Director of Information Technology at First International Bank & Trust, but is also a father of three. Both of these roles keep him more than busy. Therefore, Shannon was looking forward to a relaxing Father’s Day, involving a lot of peace and quiet. With his children ranging from ages 2 to 9-years-old, Shannon and his wife, Julie, wanted to take the kids to a movie or the water park, due to the beautiful weather. Aside from being a huge Transformers fan, Shannon loves getting out to the farm with his family where they ride 4-wheeler, hunt, and help with harvest.

Director of Information Technology Shannon Hammeren

“In the summer we like going to the park, going on bike rides, and going to the water park.”

While our employees take pride in the roles they hold at the bank, at the end of the day their greatest role is Father.

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