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As a Corporate Trustee, First International has developed a strong team of 'Specialists' in the administration of Special Needs Trusts. This team is experienced in:
  1. Coordinating appropriate benefits - filing applications and preparing supporting documentation
  2. Filing annual financial reports as required by the Courts and benefit providers
  3. Preparing Annual Budget for Approval
  4. Paying bills for approved services and expenses
  5. Evaluating Insurance - maintaining or accessing appropriate coverage
  6. Facilitating Professional Services – legal, tax preparation
  7. Working closely with the guardian and caregivers, balancing physical needs with financial needs
A Special Needs Trust may be established under various circumstances to provide for physical and personal needs of the individual and/or the family
Estate planning to set aside assets to care for families members with special needs
  • Personal injury or accident
  • Malpractice
  • Liability
The Benefits of having a Corporate Trustee
Family members most often carry responsibility for managing the personal and daily living needs for their loved one. We provide the financial expertise for asset management, as well as the responsibility of handling the day-to-day transactions, releasing family from the financial decisions that can become a source of family conflict and dissent. Regular statements of transactions are provided.

Our investment team manages assets in excess of $340 million for our clients. They bring years of experience in economic analysis, asset allocation, modern portfolio theory, and financial planning to our trust beneficiaries and to our administrative team.
Each Trust and each Beneficiary is unique, and we are able to develop a Financial Strategy to best suit and balance their needs.

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