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The information provided by these calculators is for illustrative purposes only. The information entered may vary from your actual loan, mortgage, investment, or savings results. Interest rates are hypothetical and are not meant to represent any specific investment. Rates of return will vary over time, particularly for long-term investments. The calculated results are not guaranteed to be accurate and are in no way endorsed, offered, or guaranteed by First International Bank & Trust.

Savings Calculators
Tax Advantage Savings Calculator - calculates the monthly deposit needed to reach a specific savings goal based on time and rate.

Retirement Planner Calculator- are you saving enough and in the right way to provide a sunny financial future for yourself

Kids Savings Calculator - calculates the amount of time needed to reach a specified savings goal based on rates and weekly deposits

Consumer & Auto Loans
Consumer Installment Loans - calculates monthly payment using rate, term, and principal balance.

Auto Lease vs. Purchase - compares the total annual costs of leasing versus purchasing.

Auto Rebates - compares the total cost of taking an auto dealers rebate and using an institution's loan vs. taking the manufacturer's teaser rate financing.

Auto Loan Versus Home Equity - calculate the cost differential between purchasing a vehicle through an auto loan or home equity financing.

Mortgage & Home Equity Lending
Mortgage Loans - calculates monthly payment, using purchase price, down payment percentage, rate, and term.

Mortgage Qualifier - calculates the amount of mortgage you qualify for using income and expense information.

Rent vs. Buy a Home - itemizes the major differences between owning a home and renting an apartment. It calculates costs on a monthly basis for easy comparison with your rent.

Home Equity Borrowing Power - How much can you afford to borrow on a home equity loan?

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